Our Vision

World Vegan Magazine

When we launched the World Vegan Magazine a few years ago, it was clear from the start that we wanted to reach as many people as possible to spread the vegan message in the world. Apart from animal protection, and the often confirmed fact that plant nutrition promotes our health, the ecological and economic effects of the vegan LifeStyle are more than pleasing. A change is taking place in all areas. The food industry has begun to rethink for a long time, because the burden of mass production of animal products is no longer bearable for our planet. Well known designers and new labels from the fashion sector increasingly rely on organic, fairtrade and fur free clothing. Recycled products conquer the market. Vegan natural cosmetics are not only popular among celebrities. More and more companies and people swear by the green and clean possibilities that are offered. Transparency and openness are in demand, and dialogue with everyone is desired. Consciousness change does not only take place now. It has always been there. But it was never felt as strongly as in recent years. This truth, and the thought of being part of one world, leaves us motivated daily to give our best. We are neither fundamentalist nor militant. We enlighten and want to excite you and the whole world with real alternatives.

Sure, a vegan lifestyle does not necessarily make us better people. But the personal experiences and our observations in others lead us to the conclusion: "To think and live as a vegan relieves our planet."

I wish you much joy while reading!

Markus Megyeri