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Veganism - more than just a trend

The magazine for the growing number of people with a vegan lifestyle. And all who are interested in learning about the environmental and economic impact of this lifestyle. Not only vegan food is on the agenda. Our column variety inspires. Whether health and nutrition, fashion and cosmetics, the environment and animal welfare, culture and society,
sports and wellness. The latest products from all walks of life, and much more. The young magazine with its broadly spread content provides ideas and addresses, lists important events and new books, introduces exclusive interviews with vegan movement participants and informative background articles on materials or production processes. From all over the world!

Current issue

Pamela Anderson +++ the interview

Colin Campbell +++ about the criticism of his study

40 Years Sea Shepherd +++ anniversary in Berlin

Diets +++ what really helps?

Ünsal Arik +++ boxing world champion tells the truth

Morality & ethics+++ the awareness of the plants

X-mas special +++ 20 pages of recipes to take out

Dramatic+++ the big insect dying

Niko Rittenau +++ did meat make us become intelligent?

Fashion +++ contemporary

World Vegan Magazine

The World Vegan Magazine is the modern and young lifestyle magazine with depth. For all those who are already concerned with the topic of vegan and what is involved, and all those who are curious about what is happening with this strong movement around the world.
Vegan is much more than just a trend, and our society has become an integral part of it.

Enjoy reading!

Markus Megyeri